What to wear to your Photo Session
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Saturday, February 04, 2017
By Ambreen Zaveri
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So you finally did it, you booked that photo session long overdue...but what now? 


Are you running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off piling every piece of clothing in the no pile? 

STOP pulling your hair out and relax!


Photo sessions are about making memories, documenting life, and who wants to remember an awkward, stressful moment?

Here are a few tips from my experience that I hope will help you plan your next session!


1. Be Yourself. Dress for your session mostly like you would on a typical day. If you're getting ready for a family session, and grandpa hates jeans, and normally wears khakis or slacks, go with it! If your husband’s summer attire is polo shirts and shorts, don't make him wear a suit! If your family looks and feels comfortable during the session, the images will show it, if you all hate what you are wearing and don't want to be there, that is what will show in the images!

2. Choose clothing that coordinates not necessarily matches. It can be tempting to put everyone in white or black shirts, but is that really how you would dress on a normal day with family?


Do you go on a date wearing exactly the same colors?


By choosing a color palette that you love and dressing everyone around it, you will create a family that looks like they belong together while still celebrating everyone’s uniqueness.


This particular family for example, chose to wear blues and grays with dark jeans.

This sweet family chose whites and blues in both solids, plaid and lace! 

3. ACCESSORIZE! Maybe dad likes hats, bring them to the shoot! Does mom love jewelry? rock on! The only thing I would advise against would be to not use anything too distracting.


Ladies: Starting with a neutral base is best, and then add a cute scarf, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, anything to add YOUR personalities to the outfits.


Are you boots and hat people? bring them to the session! This couple rocked their engagement session in their boots and hat.

4. Put your personality into it! Pretty photos with nice smiles are great, but they are a lot more memorable when they are more personal!


This couple chose to take their picnic blanket out side, so their engagement session felt more like a perfect date, than a photo session!

Hope these tips help you plan your next engagement, family or extended family session. Don't stress about being perfect, focus on being yourselves, just a little coordinated ;)

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