We are a husband and wife team offering fine art photography specializing in weddings, families and children. We serve the DFW area and travel worldwide for destination weddings and honeymoons. 

About the photographer(s):

Ambreen Zaveri 
- Owner & Photographer

When I was a child I always said I was going to be an artist when I grow up. I carried a Polaroid around all the time and annoyed my parents as I piled up boxes of disposable cameras my parents refused to develop. I bought my first film camera back in 1996 after I was fascinated with photography during an art history class in high school. I took several photography classes in high school and later graduated from Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Art and Design which only improved my photography more as I became an expert at digital post production using Photoshop. After years of experience in film and digital photography and post production, I started my business in 2011 and went full-time with it in 2012 after marrying the love of of my life, Shalin Zaveri who is not only my partner in life but also my partner in this business. I am a very energetic and creative person by nature, and absolutely love every minute of what I do. Both my husband and I are active members of both local and national photography associations and have been striving to learn and improve over the years and plan to continue it for years.

Shalin Zaveri - Owner and Photographer

My wife and I have very different backgrounds, unlike her I actually went to school for Information Technology and have been working in the industry for 15+ years. I did however always love photography and the power of freezing time just long enough to have a physical memory for life. Photography was always a hobby for me until my wife started the business and later quit her job to focus on transitioning the business to her full time career. As the business grew I developed more and more interest in photography and started attending workshops with her and learning more and more about lighting techniques and being in the technology industry for so long, I bring strong technical skills to this business where my wife Ambreen brings creativity, art, and technique. This is why we make a great team.

We also have 3 additional photographers on staff that work with us as needed.